Welcome to the 2014 Halloween Hunt!

Well…hello there! Welcome to my ghoulish gauntlet of gaming glee! As it was last year, so it is again this year. You will be racing against your coworkers – but this year, the hunt shall be one of wit and cunning. No travel required! (Unless you really want to. I mean, maybe you really want to do this at a scenic location. I can’t stop you. That’s your choice. Just make sure it has WiFi.)

Gosh, what else should I say? Oh yes! The rules!


  1. The race begins once you enter your name into the form below.
  2. All’s fair. If you want to invite friends to help, go ahead. You’ll be responsible to share your booty, however. If you don’t know the answer, look it up! This is a hunt, after all. But remember, you’re being time as well!
  3. There are two types of challenges: Terrifying Trivia and Scary Stories
    1. Terrifying Trivia is just what it sounds like: Trivia. All answers are one word, with the first letter capitalized.
    2. Scary Stories are the titles of famous stories, both well known and obscure. Your job here is to decrypt the title and identify the author by their last name.
  4. You can ONLY progress if you enter the correct answer into the password field. If you know you have the correct answer, check your spelling. Do you have proper capitalization? Are you SURE you have the correct answer?
  5. CLUES?! What makes you feel you’re entitled to clues? 😉
  6. Once you have reached the end, make sure to leave your name so your time can be tracked.
  7. Results will be revealed Monday morning. You have until then to complete this.


In addition to an incredible trophy of accomplishment, the winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to Target, a bucket of candy, and most importantly – bragging rights! Plus, a special bonus prize will go to the first student to complete the gauntlet ahead. And…ugh, fine! Participants will get something too! You happy?

So, without further adieu…

Fill out my online form.