University Link Agreement

Before studying abroad, all students must establish a program of study and sign an apprenticeship contract. It is important to note that if you are going to study abroad, you must take at least 15 ECTS courses per semester at the foreign university and request a transfer so that the courses are taken into account at the end of your curriculum. Their curriculum must also contain descriptions of the subjects to be studied abroad. Information on the subjects taught at the foreign university can be found on the host country`s website or on the country`s point of contact (here.B. International Students Coordinator). The committee of the respective academic department of the University of Tartu will check the curriculum and make a decision within 14 days of filing the application, approve or reject all or part of your application. The V-TA committee will not meet in July. The University of Tampere is an Erasmus partner. Since 2017, they have also entered into an alternating pricing agreement that allows students who have completed BSc (Hons) International Business or BSc (Hons) Business and Tourism Management to return to Tampere after graduating from the University of Salford to study additional modules that also allow them to graduate from Tampere.

To be eligible, students must have completed a foreign education accredited to Tampere and have the required number of ECTS points. Since 2016, there has been a franchise agreement for the provision of BSc (Hons) Human Resources Management and MSc Human Resources Management and Development courses in September and January. These courses are offered at the Institute of Personnel and Management. As of January 1, 2016, all grades obtained at the foreign university will be transferred to UT as undifferentiated (Passport/Fail). The official guidelines contain detailed instructions on the use of the apprenticeship agreement. For more information on link agreements and the approval process, visit the Student Marketing and Recruitment Office ( An agreement is established by the marketing and student recruitment team, the content of which is agreed by the link institution before being signed. Formalization of the Apprenticeship Agreement The apprenticeship contract is signed as follows: If the student wishes to cancel participation in a subject defined in the initial apprenticeship contract: Since 2017, the Digital Marketing Institute has entered into a franchise agreement to provide MSc Digital Marketing with a number of shares.

Note: If the Doctoral student is studying at a foreign university as part of a scholarship program requiring an apprenticeship agreement or if the foreign university requires an apprenticeship agreement, the general rules for the apprenticeship program and agreement must be respected.